Find out where requests made by a web page are hosted. See which requests are served from green hosts, and get the grid intensity of the different regions requests come from.

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What is it?

This tool processes a WebPageTest result, and presents information about where the tested page's requested resources come from. The results show the countries from which resources are served, as well as information about the carbon intensity of that location. Requests made from green web hosts are also highlighted.

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Why use it?

The aim of this project is to give people a visual presentation of the potential carbon impact of how assets used on their websites are hosted. With this information, website owners can make informed decisions on how their website content is hosted. It also allows them to make informed requests to third-party providers and CDNs to shift away from fossil fuel powered hosting.

How does it work?

  1. Enter a public WebPageTest result into the form, and click Submit.
  2. The results are then scanned, and a set of unique IP addresses used for requests is compiled.
  3. This is then passed into The Green Web Foundation's IP to Carbon Intensity API to check the location and grid intensity of each IP address.
  4. The tool also uses The Green Web Foundation's Greencheck API to test if a request is served from a green host.

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